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CG Flooring Systems Ltd have over 18 years experience in floor repair and have built up a proven track record in the restoration of damaged joints and cracks where a lack of effective load transfer capacity was once a problem.

CG Flooring pay particular attention to:

  • Expansion, Contraction, Construction or Induced joint failure
  • Surface breakdown or delamination
  • Shrinkage cracking – plastic / drying / thermal / structural
  • Choice of Repair Materials
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Floor Joint Repair In Action
1. Floor Joint Repair In Action.
Completed Floor Joint Repair
2. Completed Floor Joint Repair.
CoGri Joint Stabiliser
3. CoGri Joint Stabiliser Installed.

Floor Joint & Crack Stabilisation

Floor slabs are designed and constructed with a positive load transfer mechanism that enables a moving load to be distributed from one slab to the other without significant deflection of the individual floor slabs. Positive load transfer can be achieved by simple aggregate interlock or by mechanical methods such as dowel bars or steel joint profiles.

Floor joints which have poor load transfer capabilities will always be more susceptible to arris failure because the arrisses are exposed to impact as the slabs deflect under the moving load.

It is important to identify and correct any load transfer problems prior to installing floor repairs, otherwise the repair may quickly deteriorate.

Installing The Floor Joint Stabiliser

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See how using the CoGri Joint Stabiliser means we can return the warehouse to the customer at the earliest opportunity.

Floor Joint Arris Repair

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