Approved Installer Benefits Package

For those that would like to become a quality assured installer, we offer a great benefits package to get you up and running asap.

  • Preferential Prices – On all Joint Stabiliser products and accessories
  • Training – Full training Provided
  • Certification – As an approved and quality installer
  • Knowledge – Access to our knowledge, expertise and support
Installing The Floor Joint Stabiliser
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As Simple as 1-2-3 Installation Process

The CoGri Joint Stabiliser can be installed quickly by approved installers. Immediately after the device is locked in place, the floor can return to service.

1. Coring The Hole Ready For The Stabiliser

1. Drill Hole

Identify the location and core the hole.

2. Inserting The Joint Stabiliser Into The Cored Hole

2. Insert Stabiliser

Insert the CoGri joint stabiliser into the hole.

3. Tightening The Stabiliser To Restore Positive Load Transfer

3. Tighten

Torque to pressure to restore positive load transfer.

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Rapid Floor Joint & Crack Repair

We can also carry out high quality joint & crack repairs whilst keeping the disruption to your operations to the absolute minimum.

Floor Joint Arris Repair

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